The Quest

You are engaged in a year-long quest. Each week you can earn points, culminating in an end-of-the-year winner's trip.
Pastor Nate Eldridge

The Meeting Place

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Point Builders


Come to Sunday School, Project Delta meetings, and activities.


Bring your Bible to Sunday School and Project Delta sessions.


Bring your friends, neighbors, and relatives to Project Delta.


Do daily devotions from Charles Haddon Spurgeon's Morning and Evening.


Wear your "Project Delta" shirt, hoodie, and/or beanie on Wednesday evenings and at our activities. To order a shirt, hoodie or beanie, click here.



Interview missionaries when they are visiting Grace Baptist Church.

Project Delta Registration Form

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Your Guides

Nate Eldridge

Nate Eldridge

Youth Pastor
Cheryl Eldridge

Cheryl Eldridge

Youth Pastor's Wife